I’ve recently read an article where Kit Harington said he wants to see more male nudity on the show.

CLINTASHA AU - After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., Natasha finds Clint in a small town on the countryside. She soon begins to notice he is much more quiet and somber than his usual self. Something had happened to him while he was gone. 

"Clint, are you alright?"

game of thrones as the real housewives of westeros

Orphan Black meme: nine outfits [4/9]

↳ Cal in plaid shirts


Auror Malfoy & Healer Malfoy

season 2 behind the scenes with skyler wexler

Title: No Rest For The Wicked
Artist: Lykke Li
Played: 8937 times


Lykke Li | 'No Rest For The Wicked'

The 'I Follow Rivers' singer is back and with one of the best songs I’ve heard from her in a long time. Lykke Li is currently gearing up for the release of her new album I Never Learn which is set for a May 5th release. 

nyx; the greek goddess and personification of the night. born of chaos, she and erebos (darkness) produced aether (light) and hemera (day). she is also the mother of moirae (the three fates), hypnos (sleep), and thanatos (death). she is often depicted riding a chariot, covered in a veil of mist, and, because she was older and more powerful than he, is the only goddess to be feared by zeus himself.


Natalie as Cressida in the new ‘Mockingjay: Part 1’ trailer [x]


i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

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